Welcome to Montage Partitions

Montage Partitions manufacture a modern alternative "monobloc" partitioning system. Designed and developed by Montage, our pre–decorated panels offer very clear benefits over other partitioning such as metal skin or stud and board systems.

The Montage range of Monobloc partitions are elegant, versatile and robust. Panels are decorated at our factory. The choice of finishes include pure pvc vinyl, laminates, melamines, plastylon high quality wall coverings or standard wall coverings. This makes the system appropriate for: Offices, Production Areas, Executive Offices, Laboratories, Clean Rooms and Warehouse Partitioning Schemes.

Latest News

17-03-2017 - New Cleanroom Partitoning Install
New clean room manufactured & installed by Docklands Systems for a large cosmetics manufacturer.
13-03-2017 - New Monobloc Partitoning Install
Montage Monobloc Partitioning system recently manufactured & installed by Docklands Systems at an aluminum castings company in Essex.
19-01-2016 - Wall Covering Supplier
Our wall covering supplier has recently updated their product range.
13-08-2015 - New Monobloc Installation
Monobloc Partitioning Installation The 6 new additions to the gallery show our recently completed installation in East Midlands.